Justifying Faith

Justifying Faith is a brief essay from a collection titled The Religion of Disbelief, written by Elmore Kelvin Glib (1989-    ). The Religion of Disbelief is a scathing review of atheism–not for the ideology but rather for the hypocrisy. Within the collection, Glib castigates modern atheists for their attempt to “spread atheism” as though it were a religion. He calls this “evangelical atheism.” Glib describes himself as a novice philosopher; thus, his collection was never intended for publication. The excerpt here is shared with his reluctant permission.

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Untitled Sonnet II

Untitled Sonnet II was first published in a collection of poems not surprisingly called Untitled Sonnets, all written by Spencer Holcomb to highlight familiar sonnet forms[1] using familiar sonnet themes. It’s republished here with the permission of Vandermoore University Press.

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How You Survived General Ennui

Some mornings, you’d awaken suicidal with the thought of starting it all over again.

The banality. The routine of day-to-day life.

But if you could just manage to amble outside, you’d usually find something–sometimes something as simple as a barn sitting sparsely visible in a fog–that would set you right again.

It was strange how it was the mundane that gave you fits, and it was also the mundane that lifted you up from them.

Barn at Dawn. It gave me peace.

Barn at Dawn. It gave you peace.