What Was Art to Us?

|| Panda Screams a Rainbow // Painted on Cinder Block // Pinhook // Durham NC ||

|| Acrylic on Cinder Block // Artist Unknown // @thepinhook // Durham NC ||

I was once told that art was the only thing man ever created strictly for the enjoyment of creating. Art didn’t have to be functional. It didn’t help us wash our clothes, mow our lawns, calculate equations, or microwave our dinners. Art didn’t help us get from point A to point B–though, in respect to “good” art, it often took us on a journey.  Art was the opposite of efficient. Whether we were making art or enjoying it, it removed us from our daily tedium, stole us from our drone lives.

Art often challenged us in some way. It either made us think or spared us from thinking.

Of course, we each had our opinions about art. We didn’t necessarily like the same subjects nor the same mediums. Some of us, for example, looked at graffiti as visual pollution; others, as a defiant to norms–which, for them, bespoke art’s purpose.

In an earlier conversation with you, Postremo, I mentioned it was a bit unfair, my being the sole representative of this era. With my voice alone in the darkness, you’ll get but a single interpretation of what life was like in this paradoxical time. I want you to hear from many of us–mostly so you have a well-rounded perception of what life is like “now.” That’s why I’m inviting my contemporaries to participate in this project.

ContemporariesPlease feel free to leave a message to Postremo in one of two ways:

  1. Leave a comment based on the questions I’ve asked below.
  2. For a chance to be a featured representative of our age (what I’ll call The Peridot Age), speak on a subject of your choosing by completing the form here.

So…let’s give this a try. Here are some questions. I’m sure Postremo would love hearing your answers:

How would you describe art to an anthropologist from the future? Especially our contemporary art? How did it make you feel? DID it make you feel? What purpose, if any, did it serve?