How We Searched for What Wasn’t Lost

Homo sapiens aenigmatis

Homo sapiens aenigmatis

In my day, there was an awful lot of talk about finding yourself. There were gurus, self-help authors, life coaches. The overall consensus from these types was that you should avoid intimacy with the outside world until your “self” was found. Without having found yourself, there was a good chance you could be a danger to others or, at the very least, a nuisance.

So, what was finding yourself exactly?

Well, as far as I could gather, the first part of finding yourself was understanding yourself. Once you understood yourself, you had to learn to accept yourself. This, it was said, would finally lead to loving yourself.

That was the general process. I mean, I’m sure it was a bit more complicated than that, but it never stuck with me. I looked for myself (I did!)–vehemently for a time–but the only thing I ever found was that it was difficult to pay attention.

You see, there was a world on the outside of the self. I could feel its inertia skimming my toes, pulling beneath my sedentary feet.

I wanted to move with it, but I just couldn’t if I stared in to a mirror, or, worse, stared too extensively, too deeply, too inwardly.

I started doubting whether one could ever truly find him or herself. Weren’t we moving targets after all?

I don’t know. It was the spiritual panacea of the age, and maybe I dropped the ball.




  1. 1nfiniteman · August 19, 2014

    I have spent a lot of time trying to “find my self” but it is in those times when I stop looking that I get to know my self a little better. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


    • Langston Oddfellow · August 19, 2014

      Thanks for the comment. Yes. I thought I found myself when I was 30…but I’m totally different now at 35. I don’t think we can ever find ourselves because we’re always evolving. We’re a “moving target.” The search should be constant if at all. There’s no end point.

      If you’re interested and want to submit an observation of your own to my blog, feel free to complete the “Share with Postremo” form on my blog. I’ll feature you and your blog.

      Have a lovely day!


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